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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Finally a free weekend!

Thank you everyone for your well wishes and comments over Mr. X. Somewhere inside of me *probably in my feet since the thought seems to get squashed whenever I'm walking around* I know that eventually it will get better and hurt less, but right now all those feeling are so close to the surface that it just doesn't seem possible. Anyhoo, enough about him, I want to enjoy my free weekend and not think about him again all weekend *fat chance, but I can try*

Wow, it's been so long since I have had a completely free weekend that I just don't know what to do! For so many months my weekends have been consumed with working on my National Board certification. I had spend months working on the four entries that were required for the portfolio portion and then spent the last two months studying for the assessment test. Almost every Saturday for the last two months I met with the other four media specialists that were also working on the boards to study for the test. This is the first Saturday I was able to actually sleep in till 10AM! That was N-I-C-E!

Now, I am just chillin' on my back deck with a latte, my laptop, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's new book Casts Off (I finished reading her other book, Knitting Rules, a last weekend) and contemplating what I should do today. I received an email from my LYS yesterday that included a discount coupon (I think it was for 25% off, but can't remember right now) so I might go and drool over some yarn a little later. I do need to go and get some Cascade 220 for a felted bag that I need to make for my ITE IV pal. I'm thinking of knitting her a nice size tote to carry around her knitting. *well, what else would a knitter carry around* She pretty much likes the same colors I do, so it might be a little hard to part with the finished piece *laugh* I think I'll call my gf KozyKitty and see if she wants to join me!

I might also make a stop over at JoAnn's Fabric. I saw in this weeks circular that their purse handles are on sale. *I can't resist a sale, then again what woman can* Then later this afternoon I really need to take stock of all the UFOs I have around my house! Last weekend while I was trying to straighten up before my sister and her family came over for dinner, I noticed I had bags of UFOs all over my house! *as any addictive knitter/crocheter would* Some of those projects I hadn't touched in months *some, I'm ashamed to say may even have been years* Once I have all my UFOs gathered together I will need to decide which ones I really think I will finish and which ones I will probably never touch again *if that's even possible*

Afterwards, I need to go through and take stock of my stash, for several reasons.

1. New colors for Project Spectrum started June 1st. I need to see what red,black and metallic yarns I have in my stash and figure out what I'm going to make with them. Off hand, I do know that I purchased a handpainted wool/silk yarn from Mystical Creations a while back in a colorway of red and black. I want to make a shawl with it. So I have one spectrum project on the ever growing "To Knit" list.

2. I want to start thinking about Christmas gifts for family and friends. *I know, I know - June just started and I'm already thinking of December* I just know me, if I don't get started now I'll be in some department store or mall on Christmas Eve looking for something to buy the person who's gift I never got around to. *I detest shopping malls and department stores between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I try my hardest NOT to have to go unless absolutely necessary - like for toilet paper*

I might be going out to dinner at Don Pablo's with my gf Tracey tonight. She's working till 4:30PM and said she'd call me afterwards. I haven't been to Don Pablo's in quite a while *my mouth is already salivating over the cheese quesadilla and a beer. Have to have a beer. It would be unthinkable not to have a beer, or two, or three with Mexican food*

Then, of course, there are the normal weekend ho-hum things that need to be done around the house - the laundry, the grocery shopping and the vacuuming *Domestic Goddess I am not*

My coffee swap partner got her package yesterday. I had so much fun shopping for her. You can see all the goodies on her blog. I seemed to have turned into a swap ho, but it's so much fun finding goodies and treats for people who have the same love of yarn and crafting as I do.

Well, for someone who didn't know what to do with her free Saturday, I sure as shit filled it up pretty quickly! Well, time to head off the to the LYS and squeeze some yarn! I might have more to say later :)


Cass said...

A free weekend- color me jealous. If I had a free weekend I'd spend it in jammies. :)

Theresa said...

Your free weekend sounds lovely! Coffee on your deck, some yarn shopping ... oh heaven!

You are very smart to start Christmas projects now. I should do that too.

Just had Don Pablo's last weekend. Love the appetizer sampler and mango daquiries! Sadly, I don't drink too much beer; I never fully got over a bad college party keg experience! :)