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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Morning Ritual

Aaaahhhh.... the weekend is here. *OK, so technically it started last night* Here I am again lounging on my back deck with my laptop and latte, listening to the birds chirping, watching the squirrels climb around in the trees and bloggin'. Seems silly to think of this as "Me time" considering I have no children to get away from and live alone, but it is. It's just time for me to enjoy the sounds of the outdoors before it gets too hot to sit outside. I really need to start looking for a small table for my back deck. It's not that big so a 36" table should be good. When I originally started looking I thought a 48" would be nice, so that when I had small groups of friends or my sister and her family over we could eat outside, but I think that would be too big considering I have a grill out here. I love to grill food, so giving up the grill to buy a bigger table just isn't an option. My sister keeps suggesting a bistro table, even two of them, but their so tiny! I should probably put together some sheets of newspaper in the the two different sizes of tables and lay them out on my deck so I can get a real visual of the kind of space I would have. I've just been too lazy to do it *laugh*

Today's agenda lacks luster *after my morning me time that is* I need to straighten up the bedrooms today and get the usually laundry done. My folks are suppose to be coming in to town today. *ugg, I'm looking at my sliding glass door and realizing it needs a good cleaning - I hate doing windows* I thought they were coming last night, but with my mom, you never really know till she's here. Guess that is the beauty of being retired. The folks are coming into town because one of my nieces is graduating from 5th grade and heading into middle school next year. Her ceremony is Monday. I think we are all going out to dinner that night to celebrate. Then my parents are taking both girls down to their condo in Florida for the week. That should be interesting. I certainly hope they know what they are getting into! *laugh* My sister also mentioned that she is going to make dinner reservations for us to take Dad out for dinner on Father's Day. She mentioned possibly going down to Annapolis, but I haven't heard anything definite yet.

Aside from the ho-hums of house work I need to get my contest packages together to be mailed out. It's also time to give my wardrobe a good overhaul and pack up stuff that I no longer want, wear or need and call for a donation pick-up. I have to say, I love the fact that I can pack all that stuff up, leave it on my front porch marked and they will come by and pick it all up. Last night I pulled out the summer shoes box and need to unpack all the cute sandals and pack away all heavy shoes. I have to say, I have been super good this year *so far that is* I haven't bought a single new pair of sandals. That still amazes me. I usually cannot wait for sandal season! *I think that's because lately I've been spending my sandal money on yarn - for shame! laugh*

Sometime this weekend I also need to get a gift for my nieces graduation and gift for a gf who's birthday was a few days before mine. *can you say procrastinator* Normally, I would have had all this done way in advance, but my life has been so jumbled lately, that I forget until it's down to the wire. Hopefully I'll get back on track soon. *damn there are a shitload bunch of squirrels out here today*

I need to get my ass in gear and cast on the bag for my ITE pal. I have all the yarn, I just need to settle on a pattern. There are so many cute bag patterns out there it's hard to choose! I wish I could cast on for all of them, but damn life and work for getting in the way of my crafting *laugh* Alas, we all know how that can be!

Well, time to go and organize that second bedroom *just as soon as I get a few rows done on one of my UFOs *grin*

Happy Weekend everyone!

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Valerie said...

Have a wonderful Saturday! The Ren Faire is nearly identical to the festival. It was really cute, small but cute. Of course I find the only knitter in the lot of venders and she gave me the information to a local group that does period knitting. Neat right ? Anyways, have fun and enjoy your weekend!